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Dry Eyes

Are your eyes watery?

Are they often red and irritated?

Are your eyelids swollen?

Take our dry eye quiz to help identify your symptoms.

15+: severe dry eye

11-15: moderate dry eye

8-11: mild dry eye

*The score is out of 22

These are very common symptoms of a condition generally referred to as ‘dry eye’. This is a very common condition and is difficult to treat effectively.

Dry eye disease can be frustrating given the limitations of current therapies. We are committed to keeping up-to date with therapies to offer the most innovated products and treatments available.

Dry eye is a multifactorial condition so each patient requires an individual treatment plan. A careful examination of the eyelids, the external eye and the tear film is critical to establishing a treatment plan for each individual case. Your optometrist will be able will recommend the therapies that will help out the most.

Some of the recommended treatments may include:

The lids and lashes are often neglected in our daily hygiene routine and can contribute significantly to the symptoms associated with blepharitis and dry eye disease. Bacteria and mites can reside on the lashes and proper lid care is very important for your overall eye health.

Eye drops are improving rapidly as new research advances. Summerland Optometry stocks a selection of premium, non-preserved eyedrops and we can make recommendations that will best suit your needs.

This is an in-office procedure in which we provide a deep cleaning of your eyelids to reduce the build-up of bacteria and debris along your lashes and lid margins.

More info on blephex

Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatories that stimulate tear production and change the composition of the oils in the glands of your eyelid. Among their other health benefits, they have been proven to help control dry eye disease and improve eye gland function.

Uses heat therapy on the eyelid glands to secrete the oil component of the tears to improve tear film stability.

Our doctors may prescribe medications to increase tear production and decrease eye inflammation. Common medications include steroid based drops, restasis and xiidra.

Punctal plugs are tiny medical devices inserted into your tear ducts (the drainage system of the eye) to keep your natural tears on your eyes longer.

Bleph Ex

There is a new solution to treat your dry eye. We are very pleased to introduce BlephEx.

BlephEx is one of the newest treatments for dry eye disease and blepharitis. It is a simple 10 minute in-office procedure performed directly by us. This procedure effectively removes bacterial biofilm (crusty substance that accumulate over the years) from the surface of the lid margin and the glands that aid in the production of your natural tears.


Demodex are tiny mites that commonly reside in our hair follicles and sebaceous glands.

The cause of chronic blepharitis can sometimes be secondary to a Demodex infestation of the eyelid follicles. Your optometrist will be able tell by examining your eyelashes if there is an overpopulation of the demodex mites. Tea tree oil kills demodex and is the most promising treatment – Blephadex wipes or Lid n Lash plus wipes contain tea tree oil.

Summerland Optometry in action
Summerland Optometry in action
Summerland Optometry in action
Summerland Optometry in action