Our Optical Dispensary

The doctors and staff at Summerland Optometry are committed to making your eyeglasses a priority. The process starts with a careful eye examination to determine the best optical prescription, followed by lens recommendations from your optometrist. We strive to give you the straight facts, including both the benefits and drawbacks, with regards to all the different lenses and additional lens features.

Next, our trained staff will guide you through the frame selection process to ensure that you are considering choices that are appropriate for both your prescription and facial features. We carry a very large selection of eyewear – everything from budget friendly packages to luxury frame (over 1200 frames) to provide you with excellent selection. Finally, your glasses are adjusted to fit comfortably to your face. Our goal is to make this process as pleasant as possible and to respect all your unique needs and desires.

Summerland Optometry is equipped with an in-office lens-finishing lab. This allows for rapid service and the ability to mount new lenses into a patient’s own frame without having to send it away. We are generally able to repair your glasses should they become damaged.

New clients and all our current patients are welcome to visit us with their current prescription.


Living in the beautiful Okanagan, makes sun protection especially important for preventative eye health. It’s not just about UV protection; protection from visible light is equally as important. Overexposure to sunlight is linked to many eye diseases including cataracts, macular degeneration, skin cancer and degeneration of the cornea.

Which Sunglasses are Best for Me?

Our skilled doctors and staff at Summerland Optometry have extensive knowledge to help you make the best choice for your unique needs and budget. We will guide you through important decisions including the tint colour, degree of darkness, percentage of UV protection and polarized lens options.

Sunglasses for kids

Sun protection is especially important for kids as they are more susceptible to sun damage. WHO estimates that 50% of your lifetime exposure to UV rays occurs before the age of 18.

We carry over 200 sunglasses including the brands :

  • Carrera
  • Fysh
  • Guess
  • Kate Spade
  • Ray Ban
  • Serengeti
  • Maui Jim
  • Coach
  • Vogue

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can provide you with clear and comfortable vision without glasses. They are especially desirable for sports and other active activities where glasses get in the way. In higher prescriptions they definitely provide more natural vision with enhanced peripheral perception.

Summerland Optometry offers a wide selection of contact lenses including disposable soft, bifocal/multifocal, toric for astigmatism, as well as specialty lenses. Whether you wear daily, weekly or monthly disposables, we have the lenses for you.

If you are not sure if contact lenses are right for you, we offer comprehensive eye exams to assess your suitability for contact lenses.

Types of Contact lenses

Soft contact lenses are disposable and simple to care for. They are safe, comfortable and are the most popular choice.

Soft contact lenses can be made to correct most astigmatism. There are multifocal contact lens options that address both near and far vision needs. Soft contact lens can also be fit so that one eye corrects the far vision while the other eye corrects the near vision (monovision).

  • • Most suitable for individuals who wish to wear their contact lenses regularly
  • • They are economical and work well for most people
  • • Solution, lens case, and cleaning is required
  • • Wonderful for patients who wear their contact lenses occasionally
  • • Great for children
  • • Recommended for individuals with poor tear chemistry, dry eye or allergy
  • • Offer the ultimate in comfort and convenience

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) / Scleral Contact lenses

Rigid lenses have become quite uncommon and are usually reserved for very high prescriptions or for people with irregular corneal shapes that must wear a rigid lens in order to see clearly. When specifically indicated, these lenses can be life changing.

Contact Lenses at Summerland Optometry

Sports and Athletic Eyewear

Skiing – Swimming – Snorkeling – Golf – Racket Sports – Biking - Motorcycling

Here in the Okanagan, we have it all. We offer several eyewear solutions for sport and recreation including prescription diving masks, swim goggles and ski google inserts.

We also carry athletic eyewear for adults and kids from Liberty Sport and Leader designed for wind protection, golf and sports.

Safety Eyewear

Whether you are at work or at home engaging in your favourite hobby, protecting your eyes from environmental hazards or while using power tools is crucial.

Summerland Optometry is part of the provincial Eyesafe Program as a division of the British Columbia Association of Optometrists. These lenses meet CSA and Worksafe requirements. We offer an excellent selection of affordable safety eyewear featuring products from On-Guard and Wiley-X.

Summerland Optometry in action
Summerland Optometry in action
Summerland Optometry in action
Summerland Optometry in action